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Welcome to the Social Hub based in Tenterden, Kent. We support local elderly community members and people with learning & physical disabilities. In addition to this we can provide services away from our Hub including; Meal Delivery and Home Help

  • We are currently working on a new website which will go live soon
  • We are open for business as usual
  • We are here if you need answers

Please contact us for any more information:

Telephone Number: 01580 762882
Email Address: hub@tsh.org.uk

Address: Tenterden Social Hub, Church Road, Tenterden, Kent. TN30 6AT

For latest news or site updates follow us on Twitter: @TentSocialHub

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One Comment on “Tenterden Social Hub

  1. Richard Baker

    October 18, 2019 at 1:37

    the dinosaurs may have been wiped out by rapid change [meteorites) or slow temperature flux (climate change). Many other connected species lost.
    The tenterdendaycentre.co.uk domain dinosaur lost its plains feeding-ground in early September, and the website was washed away at the same time.
    fortunately the email system is still intact as it resided elsewhere in the high-ground of tsh.org.uk village.

    TSH management and assorted web botanists are trying to find and salvage the good bits to a new home will be built in the http://www.tsh.org.uk township
    – we promise not to re-introduce pterodactyl (by arcane Jurassic Park cloning)

    Team still trying to unearth the previous website content before we declare it lost in Atlantis and re-envision everything anew [sigh].

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